M. Ward, Owen Pallett y Billy Bragg rinden tributo a Joanna Newsom


Un grupo de músicos, entre los que figuran M. Ward, Owen Pallett y Billy Bragg, se han unido para grabar “Versions of Joanna”, un disco de versiones de Joanna Newsom. Saldrá a la venta, solo en versión digital, en diciembre.

Contenido de “Versions of Joanna”:

Francesco Santocono: ‘’81’
A Voice Heard on Baer Mountain: ‘Autumn’
Sarah Katheryn: ‘Baby Birch’
Joel Cathey: ‘Book of Right-On’
Guy Buttery: ‘Book of Right-On’ (instrumental)
Josh Mann: ‘Bridges & Balloons’
Chris Leeds: ‘Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie’
Ian Cooke: ‘Colleen’
This Is Deer Country: ‘Easy’
Doublewuzzy: ‘Flying a Kite’
Rosa Hinksman: ‘In California’
White Elephant Gift Exchange: ‘Inflammatory Writ’
Ian Cooke: ‘Monkey & Bear’
Billy Bragg: ‘On a Good Day’
Kristina Forrer: ‘On a Good Day’
Owen Pallett: ‘Peach, Plum, Pear’
M. Ward: ‘Sadie’
Ben Sollee: ‘Sawdust & Diamonds’
David Miele: ‘Soft as Chalk’
The Moscow Coup Attempt: ‘Sprout and the Bean’
Melissa Stylianou: ‘Swansea’
Jennifer Schmitt: ‘This Side of the Blue’

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