Kris Kristofferson publica un doble en directo



Kris Kristofferson publica el 29 de septiembre el doble en directo “An Evening With Kris Kristofferson. The Pilgrim; CH 77 Union Chapel”, que contiene el concierto que ofreció en septiembre de 2013 en la Union Chapel de Londres. Kristofferson interpretó canciones de su último disco, “Feeling Mortal” (2013), junto a clásicos de su repertorio como ‘Me And Bobby McGee’, ‘Sunday Morning Coming Down’, ‘For The Good Times’ o ‘Help Me Make It Through The Night’.

Listado decanciones de “An evening with Kris Kristofferson”:

CD 1:
‘Shipwrecked in the 80’s’
‘Darby’s castle’
‘Me & Bobby McGee’
‘Here comes that rainbow’
‘Closer to the bone’
‘Best of all possible worlds’
‘Help me make it through the night’
‘Casey’s last ride’
‘Nobody wins’
‘Feeling morta’
‘From here to forever’
‘The circle’
‘Loving her was easier’
‘Kiss the World goodbye’
‘I’d rather be sorry’

CD 2:
‘You show me yours-Jesus was a capricorn’
‘Duvalier’s dream’
‘The heart’
‘Come sundown’
‘Billy Dee’
‘The promise’
‘Sabre and the rose’
‘Jody & the kid’
‘Broken freedom song’
‘Sky king’
‘They killed him’
‘The pilgrim: ch 33’
‘Sunday morning coming down’
‘Silver-Tongued devil’
‘For the good times (encore)’
‘To beat the devil’
‘Please don’t tell me’
‘A moment of forever’
‘Why me’

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