Tim McGraw reúne sus números uno


Para celebrar sus veinte años de carrera, Tim McGraw, uno de los más exitosos intérpretes de country-pop, reúne todos sus números uno en el doble álbum “Number one hits”. El disco estará a la venta a partir del 30 de noviembre.
Contenido de “Number one hits”:

Disco 1:
1. ‘Live Like You Were Dying’
2. ‘Don’t Take The Girl’
3. ‘It’s Your Love’ (with Faith Hill)
4. ‘Just to See You Smile’
5. ‘Something Like That’
6. ‘My Next Thirty Years’
7. ‘The Cowboy in Me’
8. ‘She Never Lets It Go to Her Heart’
9. ‘I Like It, I Love It’
10. ‘Watch the Wind Blow By’
11. ‘Please Remember Me’
12. ‘Real Good Man’

Disco 2:
1. ‘Southern Voice’
2. ‘My Best Friend’
3. ‘Everywhere’
4. ‘Grown Men Don’t Cry’
5. ‘Back When’
6. ‘Angry All the Time’
7. ‘Last Dollar (Fly Away)’
8. ‘Unbroken’
9. ‘Where the Green Grass Grows’
10. ‘Not a Moment Too Soon’
11. ‘Indian Outlaw’ (Dance Mix) (Bonus Track)
12. ‘Felt Good on My Lips’ (Bonus Track)

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