Los Jayhawks tienen listo su primer recopilatorio


Los Jayhawks tienen listo su primer recopilatorioLa banda de contry rock The Jayhawks publicará el 6 de julio su primer recopilatorio, Music From the North Country: The Jayhawks Anthology. El álbum se presenta en dos ediciones: una con un solo CD y una “Deluxe edition” con 2 CDs y un DVD. El segundo CD de la “Deluxe edition” contiene rarezas, caras B, tomas alternativas… Por su parte, el DVD contiene viedoclips y fimaciones en vivo.

Disco 1:

01 “Two Angels”
02 “Ain’t No End”
03 “Waiting for the Sun”
04 “Martin’s Song”
05 “Clouds”
06 “Settled Down Like Rain”
07 “Blue”
08 “I’d Run Away”
09 “Over My Shoulder”
10 “Miss Williams’ Guitar”
11 “Trouble”
12 “Big Star”
13 “The Man Who Loved Life”
14 “Smile”
15 “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me”
16 “What Led Me to This Town”
17 “Tailspin”
18 “All the Right Reasons”
19 “Save It for a Rainy Day”
20 “Angelyne”

Disco 2 (deluxe edition):

01 “Falling Star”
02 “Old Woman From Red Clay”
03 “That’s the Bag I’m In”
04 “Won’t Be Coming Home”
05 “Stone Cold Mess”
06 “Mission on 2nd”
07 “Lights”
08 “Darling Today”
09 “Break My Mind”
10 “Get the Load Out”
11 “Poor Little Fish” (Early Version)
12 “Someone Will”
13 “Cure for This”
14 “I Can Make It on My Own”
15 “Rotterdam”
16 “Follow Me”
17 “In the Canyon”
18 “Tailspin” (Early Version)
19 “I Think I’ve Had Enough”
20 “Help Me Forget”

DVD (deluxe edition):

01 “Waiting for the Sun” (music video)
02 “Settled Down Like Rain” (music video)
03 “Take Me With You (When You Go)” (music video)
04 “Hollywood Town Hall EPK (incluye versiones en vivo de “Settled Down Like Rain”, “Reason to Believe” y “Take Me With You [When You Go]”)
05 “Blue” (music video)
06 “Big Star” (music video)
07 “Sound of Lies EPK”
08 “Save It for a Rainy Day” (music video)

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