George Jones rescata algunas de sus viejas grabaciones


Jones-12-02-10El 23 de febrero Time Life publicará el doble CD “The Great Lost Hits”, de George Jones, una de las grandes voces del country. El álbum recopila 34 canciones, entre clásicos y rarezas, que Jones grabó para Muricor entre 1965 y 1972 y que por primera vez se editan en CD.

Contenido de “The Great Lost Hits”:

Disco 1
1. ‘Walk through this world with me’
2. ‘I can’t get there from here’
3. ‘Things have gone to pieces’
4. ‘Love bug’
5. ‘If my heart had windows’
6. ‘Take me’
7. ‘Four-o-thirty three)
8. ‘I’ll share my world with you’
9. Say it’s not you’
10. ‘Small Time Laboring Man’
11. ‘Milwaukee here I come’
12. ‘As Long As I Live’
13. ‘When the Grass Grows Over Me’
14. ‘If Not For You’
15. ‘I’m a people’
16. ‘She’s Mine’
17. ‘Where grass won’t grow’

Disco 2
1. ‘A Good Year for the roses’
2. ‘Tell me lying eyes are wrong’
3. ‘World of forgotten people’
4. ‘Sometimes You Just Can’t Win’
5. ‘Right Won’t Touch a Hand’
6. ‘A Day in the life of a fool’
7. ‘Burn another honky tonk down’
8. ‘Your angel steps out of heaven’
9. ‘I’ll follow you’
10. ‘Never grow cold’
11. ‘The honky tonk downstairs’
12. ‘We must have been out of our minds’
13. ‘Developing my pictures’
14. ‘Old Bursh Arbors’
15. ‘Beaneath Still Waters’
16. ‘Feeling single, seeing double’
17. ‘Will you visit me on Sunday’

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