Escucha a My Morning Jacket en el álbum de homenaje a Jason Molina



Jason Molina, que murió en marzo del año pasado a los 39 años, es objeto de un homenaje por parte de My Morning Jacket, Murder by Death, Wooden Wand, Sarah Jaffe, The Black Swans y Bottomless Pit, entre otros, con el doble álbum “Farewell Transmission: The Music of Jason Molina”, que Rock The Cause publicará el 22 de abril. My Morning Jacket versionan ‘Farewell Transmission’, del grupo de Molina With Songs: Ohia and Magnolia Electric Co.

Farewell Transmission: The Music of Jason Molina:
CD  1:
01 Squares: ‘Get Out Get Out Get Out’
02 Memorial Electric Co: ‘Arm In Arm’
03 My Morning Jacket: ‘Farewell Transmission’
04 Enemy Planes: ‘Lioness’
05 Murder By Death: ‘7th Street Wonderland’
06 Sarah Jaffe: ‘Alone With The Owl’
07 Jonah Tolchin: ‘Old Black Hen’
08 Ben Lubeck of Farewell Milwaukee: ‘Leave This City’
09 The Black Swans: ‘Two Blue Lights’
10 Bro Stephen: ‘Almost Was Good Enough’ [ft. Jim James]
11 Box Of Baby Birds: ‘Didn’t It Rain’
12 Cory Branan: ‘Memphis Moon’
13 Gabriel Douglas: ‘The Dark Don’t Hide It’ [ft. Drew Preiner]
14 Fathom Lane: ‘I’ve Been Riding With The Ghost’

CD 2:
01 Memorial Electric Co: ‘Trouble In Mind (Fade To Blue)’
02 Matt Bauer and Heather McEntire: ‘I Can Not Have Seen the Light’
03 Will Johnson and Briton Biesenherz: ‘34 Blues’
04 Jim and Jennie & The Pinetops: ‘Hammer Down’
05 Water Liars: ‘Just Be Simple’
06 Catherine Irwin: ‘Steve Albini’s Blues’
07 Nathan Salsburg & Joan Shelley: ‘White Sulfur’
08 Wooden Wand: ‘Don’t This Look Like the Dark’
09 Luke Redfield: ‘Hear My Heart Final’
10 Viking Moses: ‘Lioness’
11 Bottomless Pit: ‘The Big Game Is Every Night’
12 Communist Daughter: ‘Hold on Magnolia’
13 Jonny James and The Hall of Fames: ‘John Henry Split My Heart’

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